How To Earn A Grand A Month Online | Earn Money From Home
The Quest For A Residual Online Income

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The question is…


My name is Ray and I have a burning desire to make a regular income online.

To be precise, I have a quest to see if I can earn .........

So if I can do it – SO CAN YOU!!!

In this main section I will record the past months earned money totals and discuss new money making opportunities and online income schemes to avoid.

Starting date for my income project is April 2014 and have a slight head start as I already make a small Google Adsense income from the advertising I have on my own business websites (see the Pay Per Click section for more details).

I have also signed up for some CashBack Websites and Paid Survey sites and should start to see some real money “in the bank” ongoing. There will be no pretend or pending money in the calculation – only real online money counts!

A Grand A Month Online | How To Earn Cash From Home Online | Earn A Residual Income Online

Hello, I'm Ray.........
I am building an online business that will earn me a residual income with a target  of
One Thousand Pounds Per Month


All other sections include my personal experiences, in-depth scrutiny and individual earned money totals.

As we go along on this journey, I will also rank every money making opportunity in it’s relevant section.

There is also an opportunity to share any REAL money making opportunities with other budding internet entrepreneurs by emailing tips and comments on this section and also on the individual sections (please see above links bar).

I’ve been beavering away building new websites which utilize a combination of potential money making opportunities.

I pick a fairly niche, targeted range of products which I can source from a dropshipping wholesaler.
I give the website a domain name which is based around one of the most popular search phrases for the type of product I will be selling, then add the products complete with PayPal buttons.

Then comes the advertising space – I add Google text and display adverts and other affiliate adverts which I think will compliment the products I am selling.

Here’s an example of one of my websites:  – See all of my websites at the bottom of all pages on this website.

It's then a case of driving web traffic to these websites and wait for the sales in either actual product sales, advertising revenue from pay to click adverts and earnings from other affiliate programs (of which there are thousands!).

The absolute best way of getting targeted traffic to the websites.......AND getting paid for it!!!!!!! to use TRAFFICMONSOON

Click here to see what TRAFFICMONSOON is all about or click the banner below to check out this amazing service!!

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